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VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion

Availability: Discontinued

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Allergan the manufacturer of VIVITÉ® has discontinued the VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion and replaced it with the SkinMedica Glypro Body Firming Lotion.

Purchase the Glypro Body Firming Lotion Here (Formerly VIVITE)

VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion will keep your skin looking and feeling great by moisturizing and tightening.

Size: 10 fl oz / 300 mL

Key ingredients:


VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion will improve the appearance of your skin by toning, tightening as well as hydrating problematic areas. Protect your skin by keeping it soft, supple and moist. This advanced formulation contains 15% glycolic compound for effective moisture penetration.

Key ingredients:

  • Coffee Beans (caffeine) - Helps reduce the look of puffiness
  • Olive Leaf Extract - Helps protect skin and block UV rays


Use twice daily, morning and evening. Apply liberally.