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About VIVITÉ® Products

If you are serious about the health and integrity of your skin, then there truly is only one option – VIVITÉ® Products. The medical grade skincare products created by VIVITÉ® will nurture your skin to its prior health - radiant, supple and soft skin is the VIVITÉ® norm. By using VIVITÉ® Products you invest in the health and future of your skin. Using VIVITÉ® Products on a regular basis will effectively hydrate, exfoliate and aide in protecting your skin against the elements.


Not only are VIVITÉ® Products scientifically developed to moisturize, heal and protect but encompass the latest in skincare technology in order to optimize the product effects. You can now enjoy having smoother skin for longer as VIVITÉ® boasts products that penetrate deeper – due to the exclusive GLX Technology - for longer lasting benefits.


The three main medical grade skincare product lines on offer by VIVITÉ® are:

  • Core System – the backbone of any advanced skincare regimen including an exfoliating facial cleanser; daily antioxidant facial serum; night renewal facial cream as well as revitalizing eye cream.
  • Replenish System – designed for sensitive skin, the system includes a replenish hydrating facial cleanser; replenish hydrating cream; daily antioxidant facial serum as well as revitalizing eye cream. The GLX technology ensures maximum penetration with minimum irritation.
  • Glycare Line – the three products (cleansing gel, perfection gel, clarifying lotion) are designed for oily as well as acne prone skin. Get the most out of your medical grade skincare products by selecting the one that is right for you.

The GLX Technology also helps to alleviate your epidermis from unproductive/dead skin cells and free radicals are neutralized by the antioxidants.VIVITÉ® Products also take from natural sources for extra vitamins and nutrients.


Some of the natural extracts include:

  • Olive Leaf Extract - Helps protect skin and block UV rays
  • Pomegranate - Antioxidant / free radical blocker
  • Green Tea Extract - Antioxidant / free radical blocker
  • Chamomile - Calming moisturizer
  • Licorice - Anti-inflammatory, depigmentation agent, helps improve appearance of uneven skin tone
  • Aloe Extract - Calming moisturizer
  • Almond Extract - Source of vitamin E
  • Grape Seed Extract - Antioxidant
  • Wild Mango Butter - Excellent Moisturizer
  • Coffee Beans - Helps reduce the look of puffiness
  • Lycopene - Skin Brightener
  • Oranges - Vitamin C